Pipe Inspection

Internal Pipe ScannerInternal Pipe Scanning

For the inspection of buried pipework in industrial plants testing systems with particular features are required. For those applications Kontrolltechnik GmbH has developed the SLOFEC® umbilical pipe inspection tools, type PLM and type PLS. Both scanner types have a modular design, which can easily be adapted to the situation on site.

Reformer Tube ScannerReformer Tube Inspection

One of the most important tasks for a reliable operation of reformer furnaces is the integrity of the reformer pipes. The early detection of creep damage and micro-cracks using the reformer pipe scanner type RPS can lead to improved reformer operation. The diameter measurement by laser for creep detection is performed simultaneously to the eddy current testing.

 External Pipe ScannerExternal Pipe Scanning

Environmental pollution, loss of production and even a risk to health and safetycan be the consequence, if corrosion attack isn’t detected in its early stages.Therefore reliable corrosion detection at the inside and outside of pipes using SLOFEC® PipeScanners for external scans provides early warning to a possible costly incident.

 Tube Line Probe ArrayTube Line Inspection

Eddy current testing for the detection of stress corrosion cracking in austenitic tube lines in nuclear power plants using the CRIS technique. The eddy current probe consists of 4 - 8 multi difference sensors and is moved on the outside of the tube in order to detect stress corrosion cracking at the inside of the tube. Defects at the outer tube surface can be distinguished from defects at the inner tube surface.


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