Eddy Current Methods

Eddy Current Principle

The eddy current method is based on the principle of generating circular electrical currents (eddy currents) in a conductive material under test. This is achived by the use of a driving alternating magnetic field.

 Eddy Current Principle

Tube Inspection Methods

The application of eddy current methods is an accepted technique for checking the integrity of heat exchanger tubes. Due to the large number of materials, tube types and damage mechanisms selecting the optimal method of appropriate probe type and signal analysis mode, as well as the evaluation of the benefits and limitations of each method is important for optimal defect detection and inspection results.
 Inspection Methods



The SLOFEC® inspection technique uses the eddy current principle in combination with a magnetic field. By superimposed DC-magnetisation the depth of penetration is increased so that corrosional attack (metal loss) even at the subsurface can be detected from the surface side. The technology is an inspection method for detection of topside and underside corrosion in thin and thick walled plates and pipes.

 Slofec Working Principle


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