Tank Inspection

Slofec Floorscanner FS400Tank Floor Inspection

The SLOFEC® inspection technique uses the eddy current principle in combination with a magnetic field. This allows detection of corrosion attack (metal loss) even at the subsurface from the surface side. Two types of Floor Scanners are used to perform the inspection of flat bottom storage tanks.

Megasus ScannerVessels & Drums

According to the accessibility, vessels and drums with wall thickness up to 30 mm can be inspected with the SLOFEC® Scanners from the inside or the outside. Large diameter underground vessels can be effectivly inspected without scaffolding by use of Megasus Manipulator.

 Tank Wall Testing CrawlerWall & Roof Inspection

Corrosion at the inside of the tank wall is an essential reason for leakage. A timely detection of internal corrosion can prevent production downtime and costly repairs, not to mention possible accidents. This inspection task can be solved using of the SLOFEC® Wall Scanner.

 Weld ScannerWeld Inspection

Welds and the heat affected zone in tanks, vessels and pipes are weak points for possible cracking. For this reason an intermediate testing of the weld zone is necessary to ensure the integrity. Due to the high amount and great lengths of welds in the above mentioned components there is a big need for a fast, reliable and sensitive and therefore cost effective weld testing method.

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